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Based in Angle Vale South Australia, we can provide a first half hour discussion about your issue for a set $150.00. We can also do telephone appointments, home visits or meet where convenient.


Legal Advice

Contact us on 0414 624 682 to book an appointment to discuss your issues and we will consider the law and apply relevant laws to your issues, advise you and develop an action plan for us to resolve your issue together. You just want to know where you stand in Family law, Wills, employment and business law, we can do that.

Stephen Gibbons - Family Lawyer

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Our Practice Areas

Family Law
Children’s Matters
Family Law
Family Law Problems
Parenting Plan
Contested divorce litigation
Custody and visitation rights litigation
Divorce litigation
Parent timesharing litigation
Prenups and marital agreements writing
Property division litigation
Restraining order litigation
Uncontested divorce legal services
Modification of court orders
Wills and estates
Power of Attorneys
Advanced Care Directives
Administration of estate
Family Provision claims
Commercial Law
Civil disputes and litigation
Custom document creation
For businesses

Separation & Divorce

Divorce applications. Court applications, document production and Service. We use our regular professional service contractors. We appear for you in Court if required.

Children Matters

Parenting Plans.
Contested divorce and
Parent timesharing litigation.
Divorce litigation.
Parent timesharing litigation.

Family Law Proceedings

There are steps to take before making application in financial and children’s matters. Contact us to find where you stand and what you should do.

Urgent recovery of children

If your child is not being returned as set out in Court orders or otherwise. You may seek a recovery and or location order in the Courts. Talk to us about your options.


Make sure you get all the technicalities right so that your wishes come to fruition. It also makes probate easier if you have created your will with that process in mind and prepared the will accordingly.

Business documents

If your business needs contracts, employment documents, non-disclosure agreements. See us about your specific needs and we can tailor to you business.

Power of Attorney

Get your power of attorney correct and be advised of the importance of choosing the people who will take care of your finances when you can’t.