Corona Virus – Isolation and Wills

If you want a will and you are isolating yourself as a precaution. You can give us your instructions by Phone. We can then draft a Will or Wills, if you are a couple, under your instructions. We can then provide a draft by email. (Don’t worry if you don’t have an email address, we will just bring or post the finalised will to you, ready to sign.) Then, we can organise a convenient time to sign the will at a place that works for you and your level of isolation. We can do it outside and keep a safe recommended distance away.

We would then take the signed will away to get a copy or copies and bring it back to you. Or in the worst case scenario we could take photographs of your signed will for the time being. We’ll work with you. If you are isolated because you are infected then we can send the will and directions on how to sign and witness your will to you, you can then organise your own two witnesses. Once you have recovered we can recheck the will just to confirm that it satisfies the rules and remains a valid will. Call us to discuss.