Welcome to our new, informative weblog.

Welcome to our new website and this weblog.  Our aim is to provide information that is easy to use and understand and assist you prior to you contacting us for greater help should you need it.  As you would have noticed we tend to focus on Wills, Estates, Family matters (right of the board), from separation to settlement of property and children’s issues.  We also work for you in workplace and employment issues, including unfair dismissals and workplace protections in the Fair Work Commission.

Just briefly, if you haven’t already got a will, you need one!  Don’t let the somebody else  decide what happens to your money or things.

If you have been dismissed or have problems in the workplace then get in touch with us quickly as there are strict time limits for applications to the Fair Work Commission.

If you are an employer and someone has lodged a claim against you in relation to workplace issues once again call as quickly.

If your family dispute has escalated and your child has not been returned to you or taken from you then talk us urgently about what you can do.  You may need to go to the Family Law Courts urgently.